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Abankey wireless bluetooth keyboard

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Abankey wireless bluetooth keyboard

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1. Using bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology, lets you get rid of the bondage of "line".
2. Use two AAA alkaline batteries, can use three consecutive months.
3. Has the power switch, can shut off the power when not in use, save power
4. The slim design, main body thickness is only 6.7 mm
5. Composition: a key cap (including X scissors Angle, arms exhibition suspension Angle) + on the cover
6. Keyboard adopt: ABS + PC laser materials, thickness of 2.5 mm
Voice quiet feel is gentle, buttons, service life is 2 to 3 times more than general keyboard
8. 78 key design, with six multimedia keys, and the iPhone is special master key, browse search, brightness adjustment function, photo browsing, the virtual keyboard and screen shortcuts switch function.
9. Ultra-thin suspension button design nature reveal fashionable feeling
10. Beautiful appearance, fashion, very delicate, color with black and white two kinds of optional
11. Size: 284.34 * 120.0 (L) (W) * 18.60 mm (H)
12. The Windows operating system compatible with computer, such as Windows, NT, XP, Vista, etc., without having to drive, so long as has the bluetooth function can be installed directly
13. Compatible with Mac ios operating system, device, Phone OS 4.0 does not need to install any drive, can be used directly
14. Compatible with Windows mobile operating system, do not need to install any drive, can be used directly
15, product size: 12 * 28.5 * 2.2 CM
Packing box size: 29 * 12.5 * 2.4 CM
16. The product weight: 0.38 G
17: system switch: FN FN + W + Q apple system android FN + E windons system,
18: switch input method: the command + space, or according to the lower left corner small ICONS of the earth.

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