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Abankey computer remote control

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Abankey computer remote control

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PC remote control, a new design function buttons, USB plug and play, with the mouse remote control, infrared remote control, without driver, plug in a computer can be used remote control, very convenient!
Technical indicators
Using wireless infrared remote control technology
The receiver connected to the computer via USB interface
18 meters remote control distance can be (depending on the user when using environment)
Can remote control Angle of 200 degrees
System requirements:
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows MCE
USB2.0 interface
Function characteristics:
1. The USB interface, plug and play, no driver
2. 4 custom program shortcuts,
3. Each shortcut keys can be set to start the three procedures,
4. On the remote control with the mouse
5. Remote control distance is greater than 8-10 metres
6. Compatible with almost all media player software
7. Compatible with Windows all of the operating system
8. Compatible with Windows XP, MCE, Vista, Windows 7 operating system.
9 teaching demonstration: can the powerpoint slides on the big screen TV, such as presentation.
10 can be remotely operated at present more popular network TV software, such as: PPlive, FastTV, PPS, STTV...
The main parameters:
Remote control distance: 18 meters
The remote control battery: CR2025 one
Remote control size: 12 cm wide and 5 cm high 1 cm long
The receiver interfaces: USB1.1
The receiver line length: USB extension lines, 80 cm
Reception mode: USB, plug and play (no driver)
Infrared receiver plugged into the computer USB interface, remote control installed batteries at the receiving end of infrared window can easily implement like remote control TV at our computer operation. The remote failure, please check whether the receiver is plugged or battery is power off, helping to buy a few more suggestion dear friends when buying a battery for a rainy day.
Function: six major characteristics
1 automatic laser pointer
2 computer volume control (DIY), can remote control forward, backward, remote control links, etc.
3 instead of the wireless mouse
4 remote multimedia playback, slides, picture browsing.
5 auto flip (various files, web pages, etc.) but to whichever software, can automatically identify.
6 a "refers to" business speech (or: demo)
The new remote control with the function of the mouse control, convenient to operate and circular steering wheel control, easy!
On the remote control panel click on the button and right click on the button, completely equivalent to the basic function of a mouse. Humanized design, learning to learn not to five minutes time to get started, oneself see panel use, computer display is your action object, using very simple...
Trouble you whether has the following things:
1, sitting in front of the computer during the day, go home at night to sit in front of the computer watching Korean dramas, neck shoulder aches?
2, lying in bed watching series, the next set of sudden increase or decrease the volume, have to get up to adjust the volume?
3, on the bed to see you want to go to bed, have to climb up and shut down the computer?
4, wireless mouse cannot be used on the bed, sofa, operating out of control? Far from the don't see the mouse arrow?
There are more than the system of infrared remote control computer, grief swept away!
You can lie on the bed, sofa free control of your computer. From the computer monitor before liberation, enjoy the real super multimedia center!
PC remote control, access to the Internet, listening to music, watching movies is convenient and quick. Let your computer. Receiver for USB interface, without driver, plug and play. Remote control with the function of the mouse, 360 - degree operation Button with conductive adhesive, responsive. Ergonomic curve design comfortable; A button to turn off the Windows. The key to set up multiple programs fast start. Support WIN98, WINME, WIN2000 WINXP, MCE is compatible with Windows, Windows Vista operating system, etc. Support almost all of the player software on the market. (such as WinDvd, RealPlayer, Winamp, MediaPlayer, PowerDvd, IE, Word, PowerPoint, etc.).

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